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    Logic Pro X Touch OSC problem

    Hi I have this on my iPad and trying to connect to Logic on my MBP. Logic recognises it ( see screenshots ) and Touch recognised my MBP as a host but when I press the host on my iPad to connect I just get a spinning wheel at the top of my iPad next to the networks connection signal thing and...
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    Logic Pro X MIDI Numbers

    I’m a bit confused about MIDI numbers and how to map functions onto buttons and faders. I know certain CC numbers are used for certain things eg CC64 for Sustain nut I’m not sure how this relates to the “learn” function on many DAWs and plug - Ins For example various plugins, the Expression is...
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    Logic Pro X MIDI Controller set up

    Hi, I just bought an M Audio Oxygen 49. If I want to make my controls work with plug-ins and tailor them to my own preferences. Ideally, I’d like to be able to open eg mixer or plug ins, piano roll, etc and use particular knobs for different functions in each. In other words the same knob would...
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    Logic Pro X New to this and getting pops

    Hi folks, I read a few threads on similar issues but I'm not sure if mine is the same. TBH I'm pretty new and I didn't really understand some of the terms people were using so can you bear with me while I explain my problem? I have just started out and I'm using a 2012 Mc Mini with Logic and...
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    Greetings from the UK

    Hi all I'm an old guy trying to learn Logic. I tried a while back and failed so I'm giving it another go. Stay safe and well everyone