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    Importing Audio File(s)

    Hi Mark, I'm using Logic 10.4.4 and the only import function in it is under the file menu and in this import menu there is no option to open Garage Band Projects. So how can I open Garage Band Projects in Logic? Thanks - Tux
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    Importing Audio File(s)

    I have an instrumental (sax) audio file from a friend who recorded it on his iPad using Voice Memos. Can anybody tell me how to import this file into a Logic X Audio Track? Also I would like to record a saxophone in the latest version of GarageBand and then open it on an audio track in Logic X...
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    Insert DaCapo in Logic Pro X

    Hi All, I have most of the Sonokinetic larger libraries, and can load all (in Kontakt 5) except DaCapo. When I double click a DaCapo 24 bit instrument file Kontakt 5 opens in stand alone mode. I’m using Logic Pro X but I can't figure out how to get the DaCapo instrument into my Logic mixer...
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    Authorizations on new iMac

    ======================== Thanks again Ben. I plan to use the Dell to stream the samples in real time which as been suggested here and on other sights.
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    Authorizations on new iMac

    ============================================= Thanks for the helpful reply, Ben. The sample libraries I have are the complete EW Symphony Orch. and Hollywood Orch and Choir all in Play vers. Also the Vienna Ensemble Special edition volume 1 in Ensemble Pro 5 as well as EXS24 in Logic Pro X and...
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    Authorizations on new iMac

    Hey Guys, I'm expecting my new iMac i7,27", 4GHz, 3TB Fusion, 16 GB Ram next week. Currently I'm using a 2008 MacPro. I have my internal drives ready to copy over to the iMac and a current Time Machine backup on external disk I am also getting a Dell computer to use in a small network. Also...
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    Logic Pro X We found a great way to control sampler instrument articulations

    Great product, too bad paypal makes it almost impossible to pay by credit card!
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    2013 Mac Pro

    Anyone out there unhappy using the new Mac Pro with LPX or have any bad experiences.Also wondering if there is a way to have 2 ethernet ports on the latest iMac i7.I need one port for my Bell modem and another port to connect to a PC slave. Thanks-Tux
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    Logic Pro X PC network slave info.

    Hi All, Since purchasing the EWQL Hollywood Orch. I'm been researching a modest network involving an iMac i7 27" 16GB RAM Fusion Drive 1 or 2 SSD's (to be purchased in late June) LP 10.1.1 As my slave I'm looking at a PC (Dell XPS 8700 i7) 1Small SSD In my quest for info on this subject I...
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    Logic Pro X Port an EXS24 sound from LPX to VEPro.

    Hey, I suspect there is a simple solution to my question but can't seem to find it myself. I have a logic file loaded with 20 tracks from various plugins.I am trying to port this project from LPX to Vienna Ensemble Pro. Usually when I port (migrate) a track from LPX to VEP I select the soft...
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    Automap Schmotomap!

    Wondering if anyone out there finds learning Novation's Automap with their SL MkII kybd controller in Logic Pro to be: easy, not too easy, a tad difficult, complex, complicated, very difficult, confidence shattering, induces suicidal thoughts, couldn't possibly be more complicated, only...
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    Breath controllers.

    I've recently come across 2 newer BC's. The USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller (190 euros) from TEC. And the HB1 MIDI Breath Station (890 euros) from Hornberg Research...
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    Logic Pro X EXS24 Vienna Symphonic Library Instruments

    I know I've seen these VSL Inst. for the EXS24 but I've done numerous searches with no success. Anyone know where they are? Anybody using the VSL Performance Tools and are they worth exploring? Thanks, Tux
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    Hollywood Strings Download Problem.

    Hollywood Strings Download Problem Jay, Good advice. Downloaded and installed and authorized. Thanks a lot. Tux
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    Hollywood Strings Download Problem.

    Greetings, I have done a silly thing. I bought the Hollywood Strings (HS) Gold edition before I realized that it is a 312 GB download. Not having 312 GB on an internal drive I moved some libraries onto an external drive leaving me with an internal drive with 352 GB available. I tried...
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    Logic Pro X 2013 Mac Pro with Logic Pro X

    Hi, Whilst reading about the 2013 MacPro I came across an alarming statement. In rating the new MacPro it wrote: "Single-core performance not substantially better (and sometimes worse) than that of other current Macs" Now I also recall seeing on a different site (that I've forgotten)...
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    2013 Mac Pro with Mac Logic Pro X

    Silly me. I meant there no firewire ports on the new macs. DUH!
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    2013 Mac Pro with Mac Logic Pro X

    =========================================== Anyone using the new Mac Pro 2013 with LPX 10.1 have good things to say about the macs performance? And is anyone using the RME Fireface 800 with the new mac and if so how did you hook them up since there is no firewire ports on the FF800?
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    2013 Mac Pro with Mac Logic Pro X

    =================================== Eli, I saw on that you can upgrade the mimi to i7 Tux
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    LPX(10.1.0)+FF 800

    Hi, Anyone have a Mac Pro and Fireface 800 connected using FF Adat 2 I/O to Mac Optical Audio I/O? Does it work? If so, what kind of cables do you use and where can I buy them. If not, is there a way to connect this hardware digitally I/O? Tux Mac Pro (Early 2008), 2 x 2.8 GHz...