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  1. songman

    Logic Pro X Window size and position

    Is there any way to make Logic remember the window size and position of projects?
  2. songman

    Logic Pro X Open recent gone?

    Open recent seems to be gone from the File menu?
  3. songman

    Air plugins v 2.0.2

    I am on Logic Pro 10.0.7, MacOSX 10.8.5 on a MacPro. I've just downloaded the 2.0.2 update of the AIR plugins. These are: Hybrid 3.0.0 Loom 2.0.2 Transfuser 2.0.3 VacuumPro 2.0.2 Velvet 2.0.3 Strike 2.0.3 Structure 2.0.3 It seems there are a few problems with dual monitor setups but...
  4. songman

    Logic Pro X continuously sounding notes

    I use LX as a virtual synth on a second computer. Protools is running on a first computer and sends midi to the LX computer, output of LX is routed back to protools. Lately I keep getting continuously sounding notes in LX which I each time have to manually kill with an "all midi notes off"...
  5. songman

    Logic Pro X order of mixer strips

    Can you rearrange the order of the mixer strips? Can they follow the order of the tracks in the arrange window? Thanks, cheers, Bob
  6. songman

    Logic Pro X how to re-install logic

    Title says it all. I want to re-install LogicX because something does not seem OK. How do I do that? On the App Store ir says installed so I cannot download again and I can't find any installer anywhere. Cheers, Bob.
  7. songman

    Logic Pro X environment

    Is there any way to make the physical input object in the environment smaller? It is huge and has a mind of its own when you try to move it.
  8. songman

    Logic Pro X Vienna 32 bit samples in EXSII in Logic X

    I know that Logic is 64 bit as far as VI's are concerned. I have always used the Vienna Symphonic Library (32 bit samples) with EXSII in Logic 7.2.3. I do not think the samples sound the same in Logic X. Does that make any sense, is also the bit-depth of samples affected by LogicX's64 bit...
  9. songman

    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 7.2.3 on MacOSX 10.8.3

    It works perfectly on MacOSX 10.6.8. Does it work on 10.8.3? Any hints greatly appreciated, cheers, Bob.
  10. songman

    Logic Pro X From 7 to X

    Hello all, I am still on Logic 7.2.3 with MacOSX 10.6.8 and I am considering upgrading to Logic X and MacOSX10.8.3. What has kept me so long from doing this was that I use for instance Steinberg's Virtual Guitar (which is no longer supported) and I am doubtful that it will work on Logic X...