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    Most noise in tracking chain mic-preamp-converter?

    Greetings, (and please forgive the cross-post to Logic Pro Help) I'd like to reduce background noise produced in my tracking chain, but I'm not sure which elements of the chain are a best bet for replacement. The chain is a simple three stages: 1. --> dynamic mic (Sennheiser 441 --...
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    Logic Pro 8 Mono output object volume/plugs apply to one side only

    Hi, I'm still using Logic 7, so forgive me if this is changed in 8; however, my issue is this: I'm mixing mono (voice) files, either straight to the mono output object or through a mono bus. However, if I change the volume of that mono output object, or add effects, they appear to apply...
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    Logic Pro 8 Can Generic Environment Transformer data control Track automation?

    Hi, Greetings Luggers. I'm stuck on an unexpected automation problem and have a musician coming this afternoon, so I'm working hard on it. Any help appreciated: Overview: I set up a logic 7.2 environment so that my generic control surface (M-audio Radium) nicely controls various buses and...