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  1. Darrell

    Logic Pro 8 eastwest PLAY and logic 8

    hi. i've been fighting with E/W PLAY and Logic 8 all morning. I've tried the setup that EW delineates in the manualm which seems very complex. Any other ideas? thanks, darrell
  2. Darrell

    Logic Pro 8 key commands not working

    hi all. new to key commands are not working at all. the only way i can access logic controls is click on the window on the screen. i'm using a macbook pro. i have a mac kybd USBd to the macbook, and when mousing/keystroking in other apps, (like safari, for instance) things...
  3. Darrell

    Logic Pro 8 Mackie Control--strange behavior

    Hi all! I'm new to this, so you will see a string of newbie questions from me! I have an original Mackie Control (the dark gray one). Logic 8 sees it fine, and sends midi info back and forth from mac to MC. However, when I press ANY button or slide a fader on the MC, instead of commandds...
  4. Darrell

    Logic Pro 8 Keycaps for Logic Pro?

    Hi all. I'm new to the world of Logic (switched over from Digital performer) and am slowly working my way through the 'new' way of thinking, although there is much carry-over from DP. My first question for you guys is: Is there any source where I can get Logic keycaps for my Mac keyboard...