1. O

    Logic Pro X Two new tool options for automation?

    By chance I found out two new tool options when working in automation mode: Using Arrow: Option + click: Selects all following automation points on the track. Using Pen: Option + click: Creates a horizontal automation line. Is this documentet anywhere? What determines the length of the...
  2. lcollen1

    Logic Pro X Pitch change after bounce

    I hate to ask for help so soon after another problem but that's just what I have to do. The track sounds just as I want it to sound while I'm still in Logic (v10.4) but when I bounce it down to iTunes (v12.7.3) and listen to that and on another player as well just one instrument in at first...
  3. D

    Logic Pro X More Precise Editing

    Hello - Is there a way to edit more precisely in Logic? For example, when dragging automation nodes, the change of values is very "jumpy"...As you drag the mouse/trackpad, the value will not change for a bit and then will suddenly jump several increments. This is extremely fiddly and...
  4. D

    Logic Pro X Region Gain <-> Volume Automation

    Hello - Is there a way to convert between region gain and volume automation in Logic? ProTools allows conversion between the equivalent clip gain and volume automation: If...
  5. D

    Logic Pro X Editing Automation Points

    Hello - This has been an ongoing source of frustration in Logic, which has persisted through every version I have owned. When editing points of automation curves, it's very difficult to reliably select points. One would expect that the point of the arrow cursor would determine which point...