dolby atmos

  1. EdgarRothermich

    Logic Pro New Book: "Logic Pro - What's New in 10.7"

    I just released my new book "Logic Pro - What's New in 10.7" in my Graphically Enhanced Manuals series. Graphically Enhanced Manuals On 106 pages, I explain with rich graphics and diagrams all the new features and changes in this update, even the ones that are missing on Apple's official...
  2. EdgarRothermich

    Logic Pro New YouTube video: "Mixing in Dolby Atmos"

    Another chance to learn about that Dolby Atmos thing. "Apple is building immersive music-authoring tools directly into Logic Pro later this year". ... orm-music/ Please watch my new YouTube video "Mixing in Dolby Atmos - How it Works", the companion...