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    Logic Pro (X) More Precise Editing

    Hello - Is there a way to edit more precisely in Logic? For example, when dragging automation nodes, the change of values is very "jumpy"...As you drag the mouse/trackpad, the value will not change for a bit and then will suddenly jump several increments. This is extremely fiddly and...
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    Logic Pro (X) Editing Automation Points

    Hello - This has been an ongoing source of frustration in Logic, which has persisted through every version I have owned. When editing points of automation curves, it's very difficult to reliably select points. One would expect that the point of the arrow cursor would determine which point...
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    Logic Pro (X) Copying/Moving Regions between Take Folders

    Hello - Is there a way to copy and/or move regions between different take folders? (For example, if I have a different take folder for each vocal chorus, but I would like to copy one line of one take from Chorus 1 to Chorus 2) I know that one can cut up the entire take folder and just...