1. J

    Logic Pro X Consolidate removes samples and EXS files from my library

    Hello I'm running Logic 10.0.7 I use an external HD as my sound library, for all my samples etc. When I consolidate a song file, Logic does not copy the EXS24 files and samples to the Song's Samples and Sampler Instrument files; instead Logic simply moves them and deletes them from their...
  2. neonreymun

    Logic Pro X EXS24 Missing Samples! Please Help!!

    hi i just used the exs24 about a couple hours ago and saved a bubbly type percussion sound to my user patches but i tried to open up the sample and i received a "sample not found" window. I've had this problem many times before and i need to know how to fix this. if i open up the edit window on...
  3. bayswater

    Logic Pro X Moving EXS24 Sounds

    Has anyone successfully moved this sound library to a non startup partition? I recall reading here that with a update from a couple of years back that Logic insists on having the EXS24 sounds/samples on the startup drive, and that using an alias would no longer work. I also recall someone...
  4. neonreymun

    Logic Pro X EXS24 audio samples not found!

    i opened an old old session today in hopes of finishing it when i noticed certain samples were not playing, while everything else was. i opened the EXS24 to see if my samples were still there and they were but they all had small orange exclamation points next to them as shown in the attached...
  5. neonreymun

    Logic Pro X Sampling in Logic

    hi i just recently started sampling myself and live percussion rather than old records. i tried recording some tambourine chops and saving them in my user patches that way i can record them through midi whenever need them BUT for some reason every time i click on my tambourine chops in my...
  6. E

    Logic Pro 9 Edit Poly Pressure in EXS24

    Hi all, I am trying to sample a keyboard pad sound which I like, so to create a virtual instrument to be used in EXS24. The matter is that the original patch includes sound shaping based on poly pressure (aka aftertouch). How can I edit poly pressure in EXS24? I am doing this job for the first...