1. A

    Logic Pro (X) Assign Drum Sounds To Specific PADS In AKAI mpd218

    I can't believe how difficult this is to find online. I can't get a simple answer. I simply want to assign drum sounds to specific PADS In AKAI mpd218. Should be incredibly simple no?
  2. neonreymun

    Logic Pro (X) EXS24 Missing Samples! Please Help!!

    hi i just used the exs24 about a couple hours ago and saved a bubbly type percussion sound to my user patches but i tried to open up the sample and i received a "sample not found" window. I've had this problem many times before and i need to know how to fix this. if i open up the edit window on...
  3. neonreymun

    Logic Pro (X) EXS24 audio samples not found!

    i opened an old old session today in hopes of finishing it when i noticed certain samples were not playing, while everything else was. i opened the EXS24 to see if my samples were still there and they were but they all had small orange exclamation points next to them as shown in the attached...
  4. neonreymun

    Mixing Vocals In Logic

    i recently started mixing vocals but to me they sound very dry and mediocre. they seem to kinda compete with the beat instead of finding its pocket and sitting right in the mix. i put a song together a couple days ago and u can listen to it here all i did for the chorus was record 3 takes and...
  5. neonreymun

    Logic Pro (X) Recording External Instruments in Logic

    hi I'm recording some chords with my Microkorg and I'm having some problems. i rarely use this thing since theres always some kind of problem, its very tedious. i am creating a software instrument track and opening up an external instrument within that track and i get signal and am able to...
  6. neonreymun

    Logic Pro (X) Sampling in Logic

    hi i just recently started sampling myself and live percussion rather than old records. i tried recording some tambourine chops and saving them in my user patches that way i can record them through midi whenever need them BUT for some reason every time i click on my tambourine chops in my...
  7. neonreymun

    Logic Pro (X) hi pls help [._.]

    ive been using logic only to produce and am just now getting into recording/mixing vocals. i have a vocal track and want to add a delay so i set up a bus and add my delay, then when i turn up my bus or send my vocal track gets louder! i don't want it louder i just want the delay! does anybody...