logic pro 9

  1. R

    Logic Pro (X) Logic 9 projects to Logic 10

    Hi, I spent the day migrating some very old logic 9 projects to Logic 10. In Logic 9 projects consist of a file and four or five attached folders. In Logic 10 the files are a single all-inclusive file designated by a thumbnail icon. When one does the conversion from Logic 9 to Logic 10...
  2. sebpalmer

    Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro 9 under OS 11 El Capitan

    Hi, I've not used my old Logic Pro 9 software for about four years: moved home, not set studio up since... until now. I had Logic 7, upgraded (with educational discount - I'm a music teacher) to 9. I ran Logic on my 2009 iMac, under OS 10.6.8 and then 10.9.5. I still use my 2009 iMac - it's my...
  3. N

    Logic Pro (X) Moving to Logic Pro X

    I need some advice on this....I've had Logic Pro 9 for a number of years and did several key projects in them. I remember my Logic Pro 9 instal was about 30GB of space of my hard drive and contained so many sound banks which contributed to the sonic variety inside my projects....I want to move...