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  1. M

    Logic Pro Logic X and Sibelius Ultimate Sync with Rewire issues

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to sync Logic X and Sibelius Ultimate via Rewire. I've watched a bunch of vides and read a lot of articles. I believe I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, but on playback Sibelius sounds drunk. At times the tempo drifts and then catches back up. It's really wobbly. I...
  2. G

    Logic Pro Latency issues virtual drums vs acoustic instruments

    Hello. I constructed a virtual drum track in a new Logic project using Superior Drummer 3. When I'm overdubbing real electric bass guitar, the playback of drums and bass is out of sync. The bass track plays back late compared to the virtual drum track. All Logic project plugins are deactivated...
  3. Roman Che

    Logic Pro MSEG sync division problem (Alchemy)

    Hi friends. I have the problem with Alchemy. I can't find anything in the internet and in the Help, this is why I'm here. Look what I mean: This is standard sync grid. But... How can I change it ? This lines is looks like unchangeable: How can I change divisions rate ? I mean not just...
  4. Changomusic

    Logic Pro preparations for smooth reinstall after 0SX clean install

    Hi there folks, I've been having strange annoying hangs with 0SX for a while now and have decided that I'm going to try a clean install of Sierra. Are there any special preparations that I can make to make the re installation of Logic X as painless as possible after the install. The main things...
  5. L

    Logic Pro How to record automation from an external synth

    I'm trying to learn how to automate parameters on my external hardware synth (Prophet 12 Module) in Logic X. the people who make this external synth and the people at logic x both said they can't help me so this forum is my last resort. I'm really surprised it's been so hard to find a tutorial...