1. Robert Wilson

    Logic Pro (X) Changing channel strips with Prog Change via IAC

    Does anyone know if there's a way for multiple tracks to switch channel strip settings automatically? I'm trying to set up a project for live performance that automatically switches channel strip settings but can only get it to work on one track at a time. I've saved the channel strip settings...
  2. H

    Logic Pro (X) Using Midi to move through tracks & stuck notes

    You have ALL been a HUGE help in the past, so thought as I'm a Cubase & Protools user and new to Logic Pro, I am unaware of how to do 2 things. First, I am using a 15" Apple MackBook Pro 2018 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 2.9 GHz 6-Core i9 with macOS Big Sur Version 11.5. AND. My Korg Kronos is...
  3. AlexDingley

    Logic Pro (X) Creating SysEx Faders to control Roland RD-700nx Features

    Hey there! I'm savvy on Logic, overall... but have never really gotten suuuuuuuuper deep into the environment's specialized features (using faders / transformers / etc) but I've had some small successes with these lately. One new challenge is that I'm trying to create some objects to control...
  4. J

    Piano Roll Grid/Quantize

    Hi Guys Quick question from a Logic noob. Any help greatly appreciated. When recoding midi, and editing in the piano roll, scenario is: I have a section that is generally on the beat, say with 8th note quantize, and I want to draw in a triplet phrase. How do I: 1. change the quantise to 8th...
  5. M

    Logic Pro (X) MIDI CC#88 question

    Sorry if this is a newbie-ish question, but I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer... MIDI CC#88 was adopted as "High-Resolution MIDI Velocity" by the MIDI powers-that-be a few years ago, so that you can have nearly 16,000 MIDI velocities instead of the standard 128 (whether this is...
  6. bomarm

    Logic Pro (X) LOGIC X 10.2.2 MIDI Clock Transmit Issues

    I am running Logic 10.2.2 and have an Emagic amt8 MIDI Interface. I have many external midi synths, drum machines etc connected to the amt8. Because I have more than 2 MIDI Instruments I usually send Midi Sync to "ALL" Destinations under Preferences>MIDI>Sync>MIDI Sync Project Settings>MIDI...
  7. neonreymun

    Logic Pro (X) Recording External Instruments in Logic

    hi I'm recording some chords with my Microkorg and I'm having some problems. i rarely use this thing since theres always some kind of problem, its very tedious. i am creating a software instrument track and opening up an external instrument within that track and i get signal and am able to...