1. AlexDingley

    Logic Pro X Creating SysEx Faders to control Roland RD-700nx Features

    Hey there! I'm savvy on Logic, overall... but have never really gotten suuuuuuuuper deep into the environment's specialized features (using faders / transformers / etc) but I've had some small successes with these lately. One new challenge is that I'm trying to create some objects to control...
  2. J

    Piano Roll Grid/Quantize

    Hi Guys Quick question from a Logic noob. Any help greatly appreciated. When recoding midi, and editing in the piano roll, scenario is: I have a section that is generally on the beat, say with 8th note quantize, and I want to draw in a triplet phrase. How do I: 1. change the quantise to 8th...
  3. M

    Logic Pro X MIDI CC#88 question

    Sorry if this is a newbie-ish question, but I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer... MIDI CC#88 was adopted as "High-Resolution MIDI Velocity" by the MIDI powers-that-be a few years ago, so that you can have nearly 16,000 MIDI velocities instead of the standard 128 (whether this is...
  4. bomarm

    Logic Pro X LOGIC X 10.2.2 MIDI Clock Transmit Issues

    I am running Logic 10.2.2 and have an Emagic amt8 MIDI Interface. I have many external midi synths, drum machines etc connected to the amt8. Because I have more than 2 MIDI Instruments I usually send Midi Sync to "ALL" Destinations under Preferences>MIDI>Sync>MIDI Sync Project Settings>MIDI...
  5. neonreymun

    Logic Pro X Recording External Instruments in Logic

    hi I'm recording some chords with my Microkorg and I'm having some problems. i rarely use this thing since theres always some kind of problem, its very tedious. i am creating a software instrument track and opening up an external instrument within that track and i get signal and am able to...
  6. volovicg

    Score Logic Pro X Score Editor

    Attached is a video which explains how filters work with folders, how to visibly show which internal display level logic is using and also why and how score sets are chosen when ascending the visual display hierarchy. Future videos... or request what you would like to see and I will develop...