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    Logic Pro (X) Flex Time Methodology: Only compress/stretch to left?

    Hello - 1. Is there a way to add flex markers and move them, such that they only adjust the audio data to the left (assuming there are no more flex markers added yet to the right)? I would like the audio data to the right to just shift as a whole, rather than compress or stretch. 2. Also...
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    Logic Pro (X) Region Gain <-> Volume Automation

    Hello - Is there a way to convert between region gain and volume automation in Logic? ProTools allows conversion between the equivalent clip gain and volume automation: If...
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    Logic Pro (X) Copying/Moving Regions between Take Folders

    Hello - Is there a way to copy and/or move regions between different take folders? (For example, if I have a different take folder for each vocal chorus, but I would like to copy one line of one take from Chorus 1 to Chorus 2) I know that one can cut up the entire take folder and just...