1. neonreymun

    Logic Pro X EXS24 Missing Samples! Please Help!!

    hi i just used the exs24 about a couple hours ago and saved a bubbly type percussion sound to my user patches but i tried to open up the sample and i received a "sample not found" window. I've had this problem many times before and i need to know how to fix this. if i open up the edit window on...
  2. neonreymun

    Logic Pro X Sampling in Logic

    hi i just recently started sampling myself and live percussion rather than old records. i tried recording some tambourine chops and saving them in my user patches that way i can record them through midi whenever need them BUT for some reason every time i click on my tambourine chops in my...
  3. E

    Logic Pro 9 Edit Poly Pressure in EXS24

    Hi all, I am trying to sample a keyboard pad sound which I like, so to create a virtual instrument to be used in EXS24. The matter is that the original patch includes sound shaping based on poly pressure (aka aftertouch). How can I edit poly pressure in EXS24? I am doing this job for the first...