1. Antaren

    Logic Pro Play back repeats?

    Is there a way to have repeat measures play back, or do I have to write them out to hear how they would sound? Thanks
  2. R

    Logic Pro Jazz Font

    1) Is Sigler the only Jazz font? 2) Does it map on to the Logic native set - that is can you just write a score and then display in it whatever font you wish?
  3. dougjammer

    Logic Pro Notation: Can tempo markings show up on each part?

    When I indicate tempo markings on a score, is there an easy way of having this info show up on each part without having to copy it onto each track?
  4. P

    Logic Pro Notation question

    I am writing a score for 3 horns and rhythm section. There is a 16 bar sections where one of the horns is playing a repeated set of quavers. I don't want to print out 16 bars of the same thing, I certainly wouldn't do that if I were scoring by hand. I'd probably write the first bar of quavers...