1. M

    Logic Pro (X) Logic X and Sibelius Ultimate Sync with Rewire issues

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to sync Logic X and Sibelius Ultimate via Rewire. I've watched a bunch of vides and read a lot of articles. I believe I'm doing everything I'm supposed to, but on playback Sibelius sounds drunk. At times the tempo drifts and then catches back up. It's really wobbly. I...
  2. G

    Metronome click out of sync w virtual drum track

    Hello. I constructed a virtual drum track in a new Logic project using Superior Drummer 3. Upon trying to overdub acoustic instuments, the playback of logic metronome click is out of sync. The metronome click track plays back annoyingly early compared to the virtual drum track. All Logic project...
  3. bomarm

    Logic Pro (X) LOGIC X 10.2.2 MIDI Clock Transmit Issues

    I am running Logic 10.2.2 and have an Emagic amt8 MIDI Interface. I have many external midi synths, drum machines etc connected to the amt8. Because I have more than 2 MIDI Instruments I usually send Midi Sync to "ALL" Destinations under Preferences>MIDI>Sync>MIDI Sync Project Settings>MIDI...