10.3 option drag copy bug


Alt drag copy bug.
Draging a region while holding alt/option produces a copy of that region. When I let go to place that copy it jump to the right by the number of bars that the logic arrange window has before bar 1. i.e. when I pull open the logic arrange winds to show bar -2 then every drop of an alt copy region jumps 3 bars to the right when i let go of the mouse.
2nd problem i noticed:
When I use the join region command on an audio file , it creates a new file with changed gain. It also asked my if i wanted to mix down in stereo although I am dealing with a mono file. I did not use the bounce in pace feature, but the join regions button.

Logic 10.3
OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan on a 2009 Mac pro tower 12 core w 32 Gb Ram,
Apogee Symphony audio interface