Logic Pro X 10.4.1 Beat Mapping not behaving as expected


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Hi there

I've recently installed Logic Pro X 10.4.1 and have found that beat mapping is not working as expected.

I have a tempo track that is made from both Beat Mapping (assigning particular beats to transients) and manual tempo changes made in the Tempo Operations window.

I have found that when I use Beat Mapping to assign a beat to a transient, it deletes ALL tempo changes between the new assignment and the last Beat Mapped beat.

Previous versions of Logic did now behave in this way. I have version 10.3.1 on my laptop and when beat-mapping transients all manually inputted tempo changes are retained.

Can anyone help? Maybe I have missed a new setting in Logic or perhaps it is a bug...

*EDIT* Here's a short video of what's happening -

Thanks in advance
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A couple of things come to mind.
1. Create a new Empty project, then in the new project, File menu>Import>Logic Project. In the attached example, Tempo track content and an audio track and content are imported. The purpose of doing this is to see if this resolves the behavior. If it does, then the original project is most likely corrupt.

Project Import.png

2. If project import doesn't resolve your issue, then explore the Smart Tempo feature in LPX 10.4.1. It's an elegant replacement for the old beat mapping. Currently, I'm getting up to speed with it in by tempo mapping audio recorded without drums and percussion in a Tascam Porta One back in the day.


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Hi CSeye! Thanks for your reply - I tried your suggestion, unfortunately no luck. I've posted a video of what happens in my original post in case you want to have a look and it gives you any other ideas! I'm sure it can't be correct behaviour that it deletes all the tempo events between beat map events...
What yours video is showing is not typical behavior.
I'm not sure why as beatmapping here in LPX 10.4.1 responds as expected. Beats from region (1 bar,) make an adjustment here and there, then beats from region (quarter note), a few more adjustments, no issues.

You can duplicate the audio file, then import it in a new project file, Edit>Tempo>Remove original recording tempo from audio file, then beat map again. If the beat mapping behavior continues then the question is whether it's bug (not seeing it here) or some issue with your system: version of macOS, time for a clean install?

Logic Pro X menu>Provide Logic Pro Feedback. Include the youtube link, system spec, ok with LPX 10.3.1, etc.

Perhaps someone else can provide more assistance.
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