Logic Pro X 10.4 System overload


I get system overload message after upgrading to logic 10.4. My session has only 13 tracks.
Changed the buffer size to 512 and processing threads from automatic to 8 but no improvement so far.
I never had this problem before.
Can anybody help me out to solve this issue.
Thanks in advance.

MBP 10.12.6, (Retina, 15", Mid 2015) 2.5GHz Intel Core i7, Ram 16GB, 500GB SSD
Audio Interface Scarlett 2i2

Jan Alerius

New Member
Don't know if this helps but I have the same problem after getting my IMac 2017 and running Logic Pro 10.4.1.
I've never had any problem like this earlier.
So far I have increased the buffer to 1024 but also changed "Process Buffer Range" to Large.
My Audio Interface is Focusrite Saffire PRO 26.


Run Activity Monitor while using Logic and see if there is a real overload on anything when this happens. I'm seeing this message a lot with 10.4 on small projects, more than with earlier verisons, but for the most part it happens when a plugin opens, or something like that. Technically, there might be an overload of some sort for some short amount of time, but in practise, I found I can just ignore it. I've also had system overload messages in various apps that happen when the app is trying to access a drive that has gone to sleep.

Nigel Paterson

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I get several overload messages when initially playing back at the beginning of a session. They usually occur during the first few bars. I simply rewind & playback again. I often need to do this two or three times, after which, Logic 10.4 'settles' & the messages disappear. I never see overload messages when recording. I/O buffer is set at 128. Changing this value seems to make no difference to the messages seen during initial playback period. A minor annoyance, but one I would like to see the back of!


Yeah i have this issue as well and i have a 2017 macbook pro fully loaded! You would think this program would be optimized to work on apple systems! This is bullshit it should be flawless by now!


I think the newest OSX is more demanding, with too much decorative changes, not really needed. I too experienced this. Yes open up activity monitor and notice what is happening.. I started getting 'kernel process' taking up to 1100%. i had no idea they went up that high. When ever this process got to high, Logic would bog down, or stop. Eventually I took Mac Pro in for repair, and they replaced a 'logic board', and things got better..