Logic Pro 9 2 masters and 1 secondary computer


I'm setting up a Studio B work station. I presently have 1 main MacPro and 1 secondary MP hosting Vienna Ensemble Pro server. Does anyone know if it would be possible for 2 master computers to address the same secondary computer?

If the Studio B computer was addressing different projects within the VEP server, different than the ones being accessed by the Studio A main computer.. would that work? It sounds dicey but perhaps someone is doing this? It sure would save money in terms of buying a secondary computer for Studio B. It's probably too good to be true

just wondering,

Thinking about the way VEPro works, you might be able to do it. If you have a server with multiple Vframes loaded (a Vframe is 1 ensemble) it might work... each master would access a different vframe.

Issues: streaming and CPU. You would only be able to access about half of the slave from each master. It would take a bit of planning, but I think it might work actually.

I say try it. If it works, yea! If not, then get a second slave.

That said, with my understanding of how the system works, you should be able to do this ok.

George Leger III
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