Logic Pro 9 2 midi controllers problem help!

I have recently reinstalled Mac osx and updated logic 9, now have problems with midi controllers/channels.

This is the method I use;
1. Set external controllers to different midi channels; ch.1 & ch.2.
2. Set the Logic Software Instruments midi channels to match external controller channels ( i.e ch.1&2 ).
3. Logic Settings -> Recording and enable "Autodemix by midi channel if multitrack recording" which will switch Logic into a "live play" mode.
4. Arm the tracks of the Software Instruments to audition or record.

I have booted with the old OS from external HD, and this method works fine.

Any ideas why it's not working on the new install?

I have tried the channel splitter method for 2 midi controllers and it still works.

Doug Zangar

This does work in my setup. I've also recently set it up on two other systems. I'm not quite clear why you're having a problem.

At one time I thought there could be an issue in the order of events. You might try step 3 first.
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