Logic Pro 9 2 mono vs stereo


I know I posted this question in my previous thread, but i really need more opinions on the subject (so please moderators, don't ditch this thread).

2 mono channels, with no plugs, are as CPU consuming as a stereo channel?

I have no idea wether this is still applicable or not. But waaaayyyy back when, when Logic first introduced Universal Track Mode (v. 3.0 or 3.5?) the manual clearly stated that a stereo track (using UTM) took up 150% percent as much resources as a regular mono track. Whereas two mono tracks obviously takes up 200% of the resources of a single mono track.

There was a nice increase in horse power on the machines of the day at that time with this new feature. In today's modern world; I doubt it would make any significant difference. But that's a purely subjective observation just based on the "feel" of the program.
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