Logic Pro 8 2 questions: autosave and different level markers..


hi there again...two questions:

is there autosave in logic 8?


is it possible to create different levels of markers? i find that i'm writing pretty specific markers for an film action scene...but i'd be kind of nice to have an overlying set of markers which help me to keep the overview in grasp....ie. key changes or leitmotiv changes.... I see that it's possible to have alternative markers....is there a way however of being able to SEE 2 or three different sets of these markers at the same time?

many thanks!!! :)


No autosave in Logic 8 or 9.

As for the markers, I will make a new track, create a blank region the entire length, and cut it where I want to put my "secondary" markers, then add text to the region.
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One other thing: you can take a group of regions and create markers from them, so if you wanted to you could make the cut blank region idea to make your note regions, then use them to create your markers, with the notes as the names of the markers.

Also, don't forget that you can also use colors in your markers as well, to make it easier to see what is where.
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