2882 Legacy. Using DSP in Logic 9 under Snow Leopard


Hi I have just acquired a 2882 and i am attempting to send some tracks out of logic to the dsp for processing. I have followed the guide online and have routed using the i/o plugin.

The routing is as follows.

1. I/O Plugin Logic- Out 3&4 In Adat 1&2

2. MIO DSP- DAW 3&4 patched to the input of the plug, output of the plug to process 1&2

3. MIO Routing-FWR/ADAT 1&2-Process 1&2

4. MIO Mixer-Inputs set to FW Returns

When i play back the audio is distorted (sounds like a bit crusher!) almost cyclic

Any ideas what the problem could be? Could there be some sort of audio loop here?


Hi I appear to have solved the problem. I changed the sample rate to 48 and then back to 44 and the issue was resolved. Strange but that seems to have fixed it.