2882 & Logic 9.1: 32 bit-mode only?


Although it is said on the MH page that "All products are Snow Leopard (10.6) compatible and Intel native on both the 32-bit and 64-bit kernels", I'm here with Logic 9.1, and it wont make a sound through the 2882 when operating in 64-bit mode.

The Console Connect plug only seems to be available through Logic's "AU 32-bit bridge", and even then it wont make a sound.

The MIO Console (5.2) stand-alone app is silent too (no activity on the meters).

When I start Logic 9.1 in 32 bit mode however the 2882 operates smoothly as usual.

Any comments?


(my setup: iMac i7 quad, 10.6.2)
I am not having any issues here running Logic in 64 bit with a 2882.

ConsoleConnect only runs in 32 bit mode, but has no bearing on passing audio; it only provides a data path between your DAW and MIOConsole.

MIO Console is behaving normally.

I suggest you get in touch with support, as it sounds like something is not right with your installation.

Sorry, my bad. In the meantime I did a version check and it turns out I had updated everything BUT ConsoleConnect, which was still in a 2008 version... :redface:

Works fine now. That 32bit bridge thingy is quite annoying tho, I think I'll switch back to Logic in 32 mode until I see some plugins upgrade.

Thanks a lot.