3 Fender Rhodes questions


1. what is the current best plugin for hot fender soloing?

2. if I use EVP88 I am constrained to stereo, but my client wants a mono .wav

what's the best way to provide that?

3. what can the panel suggest is the best way to get an early Chick Corea overdriven and tine-adjusted fender sound? :)


Brian Stone

Hey, EVP88 is great, and it responds naturally, because unlike a sampled instrument, its a real emulation of the hardware's physics. So, you are right about it not supporting mono, but good news its possible to use in mono if you do this:

•Â instantiate in stereo (only format available)
• open up the elephant skin cover
• set the Stereo Width to zero (counter clockwise 100%)
• set the tremolo stereo phase to zero (counter clockwise 100%)

So, now doing this makes the output mono (you can verify with Logic's Multimeter plug-in Goniometer mode)

• to make the format of plug-ins change in the inserts, you need to force a mono plug-in to load. You can use almost any plug-in. I recommend the simple Gain plug-in. Uses little memory,etc.
• press and hold the option key while clicking and holding on the insert slot, it will show you several new options at the end of the hierarchical list you may not recognize. This includes MONO and MONO > STEREO, choose MONO.

This has the effect of turning the format of the channel to MONO within the inserts. Now all subsequent plug-ins you add will try and load their mono variants.

Try loading Pedalboard next, it works very well in Mono and can give you that authentic retro EP > Stompbox sound.


Duh Rhodes

Pro touring engineers said they had to draw a line in the musical change from analog to digital....somewhere...


The rhodes cannot be duplicated properly, and is the only sound that you may not use digitally reproduced in a pro recording.
Hire a pro with a real rhodes and record your segments...



brian, somehow I missed your replies and and although we're 4 years down the line, here's a thank you :)
I will indeed try your plugin suggestion