333 x Spaghetti

Urs Heckmann

As of this minute, I have released a preview version of my upcoming synth ACE.


Early adopters can click on the Buy Now button and use one out of 333 promo codes named "Spaghetti" to get a license for 10€ off.

Major difference to the final version: It still shows V0.9, the manual has some little glitches and the presets are not sorted. Other than that this version is as stable and final as any. Final release is in a week or so.


;) Urs

Urs Heckmann


can ACE process "external" sources
Nope, because that would require an exhaustive upsampling process and thus a gazillion more cpu cycles. Mabye on the next generation of cpus.

I am contemplating to add an option for at least 8 ins/outs however so you could integrate with your Doepfer modular system.