Logic Pro 9 3rd party plugs that work with Logic Node function



I'm about to set up my second computer (a dual core iMac) as a logic node computer. I haven't tried this before and I have heard that for Logic's own plugs it works with everything that's not sample-based without requiring that Logic itself be installed on the node machine. I also have the following non-sample based 3rd party plugs. Zebra 2, FM8, Reactor Player with Prism, GreenOak Crystal, LinPlug FreeAlpha, IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 & 3, IK Multimedia CSR Reverbs, Bias Sound Soap, Melodyne Single Track, iZotope Ozone 3 and Spectron, u-He Uhbik (with Zebrify, Runciter and Zrev), and Sonalkiss Free G. In information out there is pretty sparse and contradictory regarding which of these can or cannot be used with the Logic Node and whether or not the individual 3rd party plug need to actually be installed on the node machine. Also, assuming that some do need to be there, where would I put them on the node machine? Any help, comments and suggestions would be appreciated.