Logic Pro 8 4 tuplets in 3/4

I'm trying to copy some charts over to Logic and I can't figure out (or find) how to make 4 tuplets if that's what they're called. The tune is in three and goes to four. Can someone help me? Also in case anyone's wondering the chord is G major 7 over F it's not a typo. Or maybe it'd be called a freehando.

Thanks for helping me,


You need to use the n-tuplet. You'll find it at the end of the triplet note line. It's pretty straight forward to figure out.

Nice chord, that Gma7/F, BTW.
Damn you Buddy!!:D

I had to sit and figure that out ...duhh ....IT'S LIKE QUARTER note triplets in 4/4... but in ESREVER..


Yeah, it was kinda uncool to suggest something that requires you have to do math. You might try ice or an aspirin for that headache. ;)

Glad you got it to work. Logic's notation is actually pretty good so hope you find it useful.