64/32 bit desktop/ Dock quick access switch

I constantly have to go into applications , find the Logic icon, switch between 64 and 32 bit mode, as I am working in TV and media so can't render audio onto movies in 64 bit mode. I probably have to do this 25 times per day. Until MOVs can be burned in 64 bit mode, this would be a great workaround. It's not the restarting that's a faff, it's the fact that I can't even place an alias on the desktop and use it to switch between modes, because the alias doesn't have the little 64/32 bit box on it.

I just made a second instance of Logic Pro, set it up for 64 bit, named it 64 bit, put it in the dock, and not I can see 2 versions of Logic Pro in the dock" my 32 bit version and my 64 bit version.

To be clear: I duplicated Logic, not made an alias.

Should do exactly what you want.

Doug Zangar

George - good tip. To make sure I understand, you duplicated the application - no more installs or anything. I am in the process of doing this, and it's copying over 720 megs of info. Sound right?

I'm wondering if these two version end up with different settings/preferences or is this all factory stuff and variations will be contained in the user info?
All I did is duplicate the app itself. So there are 2 copies, one named Logic and the other Logic 64. The prefs and settings work for both,. as does the content. Works great. Just remember: when you upgrade you have to recopy the 64 bit version (the Logic name is different).