6th Song - Feedback Appreciated

Hi All,

To mix things up a bit i decided i would take an acapella and basically write a track under it without altering it, I'm not musically trained so i thought this would be a good exercise to work on that side of things. The quality of the acapella is a bit dodgy but it served the purpose. All done in the box with no third party plugs.

Any feedback on any aspect from mixing to musicality is welcomed, the more honest the better :D

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LOL - the only bit i didn't make!!! Thanks for being honest though, helps me figure out how I'm progressing, more work to do!

Thanks for taking the time to listen, much appreciated :)


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I think it would help if you would have a wider distance between the voice and the accompaniment.
Try moving the accompaniment an octave down and listen to what that sounds like. Right now, everything is so close to the same range that it's hard to hear what you were going for to my ears.
Ok that's great feedback thanks, will have a play with that this week. Really helpfull to know what other people think.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and feedback, very much appreciated :)