Logic Pro 9 9.02 on G5, keep having to force quit


When I try to quit Logic it says "Please quit rewire applications first" But I'm not using any rewire apps, so something else is happening but I have no idea what. The problem does not happen with 9.02 or 9.1 on Intel.

It's getting to be a bit of a problem because Logic apparently won't release my external sata drives with a force quit and I can't unmount the icons from the desktop.

Any ideas?
You could remove rewire from your computer since you're not using it.
I think it's located in the "Propellerhead" folder.

Run a search on propellerhead and see if the folder shows up, then -move- it out of it's current location (to the desktop) and see if the problem still exists.

At one time or another you must have installed an application or plugin that uses rewire.
Melodyne is an example. Perhaps you have an older non-Leopard compatible version of rewire installed and it's not letting go of Logic.

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Apple doesn't support non-Intel Macs for Logic (it was never tested on these older Macs, and there are definitely various reported problems, although many people are using it with varying degrees of success and caveats).

The Rewire folder is here:
User > Library > Application Support > Propellerhead

If that folder is not there, then Rewire doesn't activate.
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