Logic Pro 9 9.1-Mackie Control Pro "Arrange Mode" and Logic Mixer View weirdness


Not sure if it's a new setting to Logic 9 I'm not used to or it's strange behavior, but I always work with my MCU set to "Arrange Mode" (Global View green LED blinking) and now when I open the Mixer in Logic it automatically switches my MCU to "Mixer Mode" (LED not lit up).

In Logic 8 the Mixer in Logic was completely independent of the MCU setting, which was nice because you could have custom views of your Mixer in Logic but have the Arrange mapped out on your MCU. Am I missing a new setting or is this just new strange behavior in Logic 9? Thanks!!
haha nice...well then if you don't mind looking at my most recent thread maybe you can shed some light on it. :) thanks!
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