96kHz files play in Pro Tools but not in any Apple App


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96kHz fine in Pro Tools, distorted in Logic and QT

Hi Everyone,

I'm baffled by a new problem. I decided to record a session in a studio at 96kHz. They recorded in ProTools. I have PT LE with a Digi 002, but I'm a Logic user and I wanted to master in the 2882 2d, so I was going to just export the files and use them in Logic.

All the files play perfectly in my PT rig, but when I try and play them in Logic I get distortion as the music crescendos. In fact, I tried to just play them in QT and the same distortion happens. Play the same file in PT and no problem and it's even at better levels in PT.

Everything seems to check out in the MIO - sample rate, routing, etc. I even checked out the Audio set up on he MAC and it's set to 96kHz, so I totally don't get it.

Thanks in advance for your help.