Logic Pro 9 A/B input and output


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I'm new to Logic Pro 9. Does anyone have a slick way to instantly switch from monitoring a stereo input channel with stereo tracks already recorded into the same project.

Ideally this would be set up as a keystroke, not a mouse click. I'm guessing someone besides me is using Logic for mastering and has figured this out.

Appreciate the help!
I don't quite understand your question:

switch from monitoring a stereo input channel with stereo tracks.... to what??
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I should have said "Switching from stereo input to playback of stereo tracks already recorded into the project" for the purpose of comparing what I've already EQ'ed with outboard gear to what I'm about to EQ.
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I'm still not quite certain I understand what you are after, but how about this:

If you are monitoring an input pair through an aux track (with your physical inputs set as the input to the aux), couldn't you just solo that aux. And then alternate between soloing the aux with the regular audio track that you are playing back your other files on?

It would require two key strokes, instead of one. But should do the trick. The two key strokes are taking one out of solo and then putting the other one into solo.

If this is what you are after, there is a way of constructing a toggle button in the environment that will switch the solo mode on both of them with one mouse click.
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Thanks Eli,

I was looking for something a little more elegant and instantaneous than that. As you know, the faster the switch happens, the easier it is to make comparisons. Two keystrokes is too slow, and a mouse click requires a little too much precision for the number of times I would use this function.

Got any other ideas?
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You can do it by inverting the selection in the arrange page with solo mode active. The actual A>B occurs after a short delay but that kinda helps. I think "invert selection" is the key command.
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