Logic Pro 8 A Blue Issue


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So I noticed a blue hue over my 'global tracks' section and didn't think of anything of it. Then I tried bouncing with all my regions selected and it only bounced whatever track was selected.

SOO annoying. I had to individually bounce every track to a new session and then it bounced normally.

What happened... and what the hell is the functionality of the blue hue over the global tracks!?
The symptoms sound liek you were inadvertently in solo mode. But the color doesn't fit the symptom. Unless you've somehow changed your system colors? When in solo mode, there is a greenish/yellowish hue (I'm not great with colors!) in the bar rulers. And only the selected regions would be heard/bounced under those conditions.

Does this sound like a possibility?
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Just had a color flash :angel: Blue means that you are not in internal sync mode. If you are in either manual or MTC (external) sync modes, the bar ruler turns blue. I don't know that this would specifically account for only individually selected tracks getting bounced properly. But it would certainly explain the blue color.
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