Logic Pro 9 A couple more questions!


So the whole track / mixer is confusing me!

On the other DAWS that I use, when I create a new track, (audio or midi)
then the program creates a corresponding new channel in the mixer.

When I create a new track in Logic it doesn't create a new channel in the mixer, instead it pulls up an old mixer channel!

This is incredibly frustrating :brkwl: as I have been pulling in audio into an existing session and when I organise my tracks in the arrange window, then flick to the mixer window, these tracks are not in the same order and some have settings from old tracks that were deleted! :angryfire:

Is there a way to easily avoid this?

My sincerest apologies if this seemms like an obvious question, but as I mentioned earlier this way of working is completely different from all the other DAWS that I use.



Just reset the channel strips. On the channel strip, click the Setting button > Reset Channel Strip. If you have a lot to reset, you can assign a shortcut to the Reset Channel Strip Setting command in the Key Commands window.
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