Logic TDM A most annoying situation with Logic 9 and TDM


Ok Advice required here-I ve just spent a week doing this-
I made the plunge from my old and trusted G4 last week and bought a brand new Mac Intel 8 core 2.26
Problem number one-Apple shop could not supply me with a new computer with OSX Leopard installed- Only OSX Snow Leopard-Ok I thought I d just reinstall 10.5 over 10.6-I was told that it would be most unadvisable to do this as it could seriously cause problems with the firmware etc on the new computer-So I decided to go ahead with 10.6 Snow Leopard.
I installed ProTools 8.3 (snow leopard compatible)- By the way I use a Magma expansion chassis PE64r 6 slot with HD 5-
I did the OSX software update to 10.6.2
It booted up fine-It ran like a dream
I then spent around three days downloading scores and scores of TDM plugins that I own and installed them all along with various RTAS plugins that I own-ie Nexus synth-Spectrasonics RMX-
All fine (Sonnox plugins-Serato Pitch N Time-Spectrasonics Trilogy etc still not OSX 10.6 compatible So I left those until they become available)
I then installed Logic 9 .0 then I downloaded and installed 9.0.2
It booted up fine-Found the TDM hardware-had a bit of a problem with DTDM which I knew about(I wont work with my expansion chassis!) So I disabled that and used CoreAudio instead.
I then went about making up my template from scratch then the problems began=

The more and more Tracks I created in the environment the slower the screen draws seemed to get etc-In fact Logic as a whole became rather lethargic- When I opened up the Digidesign Hardware box to change DAE settings etc the Top Menus within the Logic Arrange had various options missing etc In fact some of the Menu Headers disappeared alltogether! Occasional crashes then started happening but Logic always saved the song as Autoload(crashed) So I never fully lost anything when I rebooted-
in total in the Mixer environment I had as follows
64 x stereo DAE tracks (Less than average for me!I often ran 100+ stereo DAE tracks on my G4)
16 x stereo DAE Aux for reverb returns etc
12 X stereo DAE EXS24 instruments
4 X stereo DAE Indigo Virus soft synths
8 X stereo DAE Line ins (for outboard synths-outboard efx etc)
1 X stereo DAE Line in (Optical from the core audio Optical port on the MAC
to bring core audio back into my TDM environment)
5 x stereo Master Output 96i DAE outputs
4 x stereo Master Output Apogee AD8000SE DAE outputs
20 x Stereo -Core Audio Soft Synths etc

This mixer environment is no bigger than I ever ran on my G4 1.42 dual setup that I used since 2003-So I thought that this new Mac Intel would eat the old G4 alive-

Now Im getting all sorts of crap-Crashes -Audio distortion etc-Logic just seems too unstable now

Any Ideas? How about I get rid of OSX 10.6 and go back to 10.5 then reinstall Logic 8 with ProTools 8.0.1 or 8.0.2? I feel I ve just wasted my life away! Please does any one on here have a working version with 9.1 and logic 8.0.3?
Advice would be appreciated Thanks
Pro Tools 8.03 officially doesn't support Logic DAE anymore. Config as in my signature working fine on a similar scale as your template. Don't know about Snow Leopard...
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I knew about the ProTools 8.0.3 issue last week but on searching on google I found various persons claiming to have 9.02 logic working with 8.0.3 Pro Tools which is why I tried it for myself and at what better time is there to try it on a brand new computer with no old installations/bugs etc already present on the hard drive!
Well I think its time to reinstall 10.5 OSX with 8.0.1cs ProTools but which Logic do you reckon-8 or 9? I have both
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Perhaps it's best to keep both 8 and 9. Logic 9 is good (or better) for everything except when using DAE (only - without Core Audio). Logic 8 seems fine with the DAE-only mode. Sessions are compatible both ways: Logic 9 files open fine in Logic 8.

If you are planning to try both 8 and 9 you may need to install 8 first. I that a Logic 7 install deleted my Logic 8 install (but not the other way round).

Anyway, everybody seems to have slightly different experiences with Logic TDM, but those are my findings.
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I strongly suggest you to install leopard
it doesn't create any firmware issue, the problem is that a retail dvd doesn't boot up in core i7 machines, so you have to find a osx 10.5.6 install dvd compatible with the new core i7 cpus, basically you have to find the dvd provided with that machine before snow leopard was relesased.
I do have it...
PT 8.0.3 does not support both expansion Chassis and motu/logic TDM
you can find a pre release of 8.0.3 compatible with Logic by the way, the user you have heard on snow leopard + logictdm are probably using the pre-release of 8.0.3, not the official one..
I'm currently on 10.5.8 , pt 8.0.1 and logic 9.1 and is.. working.. i have opened a couple of heavy projects and everything works.

A question, when you create your autoload do you already assign outputs to (DAE) channels?

i suggest you to assign outputs only when you are really using them, you will save some dsp space and you lower the possibility of logic going mad (haven't tried that on macintel yet), is an old bug that causes tdm mixer to do strange routings when you hit a certain number of tdm connection, consider that this bug is alive since mac OS9 !!

By the way it looks like your issues are not related to the above thing, probably a bad installation ? do you have time machine backups? try to revert to an older backup, or try re-install snow on another partition and see if it behave the same

Else go on 10.5.x, There are some new issue with some plug-ins, but nothing you can't avoid, as if you are a logic tdm user you should be used to bugs :p
i'm personally avoiding 10.6.x i had problems even installing logic, i can't imagine what happens working on it.

But let me understand, are you using logic and pro-tools 8.0.3 official release and you can use dae in Logic ? SO why they write on digidesign that it doesn't works ?!? i'm a bit confused right now..
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If you are planning to try both 8 and 9 you may need to install 8 first. I that a Logic 7 install deleted my Logic 8 install (but not the other way round).

no need to install 8 first, just move logic 8 application to application folder and double click it will ask for the serial, if it doesn't get the serial cause you have an update from logic 7, run logic 8 installer and insert the serial there, then quit the installer after having inserted that.

i've moved logic 8 from my ppc backup and it worked over the 9 installation
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