A pro tools like smart tool

Been using Logic 8 for almost 2 years in my home studio. My day job is centered around a pro tools HD3 system. While I think Logic sounds better- especially with my Metric Halo interface- pro tools waveform editing- because of the smart tool- is far superior.
I'm not a code writer so I don't know what the hurdles are to implementing a tool like PT's smart tool. But after 10 years of working everyday with pro tools- if Logic had this capablility- Digi would be in big trouble.
Any chatter about this happening????
Function description?

Could you tell us about it please? There is always the problem of the customers, following one line and the development-team another. Usually Dev-teams think their priorities are better and the quickly get blocked in their thinking, no matter how obvious.
Hi Ming! The pro tools smart tool, when enabled, changes it's function depending on where in or around a region you place it. For example...if you place the tool at the front top edge
of a region- it becomes a fade tool. If you move it down to the middle edge of a region it becomes an "edger" tool that allows you to drag the region out to it's full file length or - in the opposite direction- simply trim a region. If you click the middle of a region it becomes a cursor and if you stay in the middle of a region and move toward the bottom it becomes a grabber or hand tool that lets you move the region to the left or right or to another track all together...
For guys like me that do a lot of production for radio & post work for TV it's a very fast way to edit audio, remove breathes and mic bleed on other tracks etc..spot sfx, etc..
If logic could implement that and really get the editing up to the pro tools bar... Logic studio could kill pro tools.
OK got ya

We'll see what suggestions might be here, workflow is very important in real life I agree. An app. is a shortcut to get it done.
In Logic 9 there is the General Editing Preference "Pointer Tool in Arrange Provides" with the options "Fade Tool Click Zones" and "Marquee Tool Click Zones".
The fade tool click zones are on the upper left and right corners of audio regions, the marquee tool click zones is the lower half of any region, audio or MIDI.
For many years Logic has a kind of "smart tool" implementation, in that the tool function changes depending on where the pointer is. Logic9 has a couple more options to allow different functionality depending where the mouse is.
Thanks for pointing at out that there are more features already. I'm am on it and in it since 12 hours when I got mine delivered.
There's a lot of thinking that I like, which (imo) in my opinion points the right way. I think Logic now is going to skip quite a lot of 'setting parameters' and make it (yes I am going to use the f-word) fun to edit.