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Here I go again asking a question for my non english speaking friend.
He is making a score for a symphonic orchestra and wants to add a symbol for rehearsals to indicate this is section A, section B and so on.
Is this possible to do to all parts at once or does he have to make one part at the time.
The score is for a 72 piece band so I can see his point in not having to do things 72 times versus 1 :)

Also is it possible to align lyrics in score. He complains that he is wasting too much time on making things look nice....

All the Best
BTW with a aligning lyrics I mean so the align vertically and horizontally. They seem to place themselves pretty randomly. They are supposed to stand below the note on a straight horizontal line.
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Yes, both are possible.

1. Select the regions you want to create the symbol into and while holding the shift key, click with the Text Tool to "insert multiple".

2. There are key commands for alignment of items in the score editor.
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Yes, both are possible.

1. Select the regions you want to create the symbol into and while holding the shift key, click with the Text Tool to "insert multiple".

My problem seems very silly, but I cannot solve it.

I have a complete score for multiple instruments with lots of tweeks, lyrics and all that. The internet is a truly wonderful resource for learning this stuff, I am beyond grateful.

But I cannot get adding text to multiple regions to work. I spent ages on it yesterday, until 2am.

I am doing this:
1) in the MAIN window, selecting one region by clicking on it's name;
2) holding down shift;
3) clicking a lower track to select all the tracks between
4) opening SCORE;
5) holding down shift
6) dragging a 'TEXT' thing from the left (screen bubble says, 'multiple')
7) attaching it to something;
8) typing in it
9) pressing enter

It doesn't appear on all the highlighted regions.

I have also done this with the 'text tool' and also I have tried selecting the regions instead of the whole track in MAIN. Bear in mind each track as only one region in it.

I must be doing it wrong and missing something obvious. I have searched everywhere for a demo video, but no luck.

I upgraded to 10.3, but that crashed so much doing this operation that I time machined back to 10.2.4

Please someone rescue me from my own foolish lack of ability to do a simple thing!
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In addition to what EWL provided.... you can also drag in the text item from the part box while holding the shift key down.
In both cases - you do need to select all the staves which will be affected by the insert multiple (shift key held) command first.

Here is smaller example ( not 72 but a few) - where you can see I am putting Rehearsal marks on measure 2 for all staves selected....
insert Rehearsal Marks.gif
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As for aligning Lyrics - there is a key command "Align object positions vertically"
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 10.54.56 AM.png

1/ Select all lyrics you want to affect.
2/ hit this key command or whatever you defined it to be above...
3/ all lyrics selected will automatically align... then just nudge to final position.

aligning lyrics.gif
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I just want to say thank you. The issue was implicit in your post...I needed to be on the 'middle' view - I was doing it on the final score view with the title and whatever. It also doesn't work on the single view. I was doing the rest, just in the wrong place. I really appreciate the time you have taken.
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