Logic Pro X A way of placing a plugin by default on every new track?


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Is there a way of specifying a particular plugin [ say SSL E channel strip ] on every new channel, by default? Rather than manually adding them after you've created the new channel?


I did this for an audio track...
1. Set the channel strip the way you want.
2. Click on "Settings" and choose "Save Channel Strip Setting" - I named mine "Audio"
3. Create a new track - Create Tracks... - select Audio, check "Open Library", un-check "load default patch"
4. In the Library panel select "User Channel Strip Settings", control-click on "Audio" and select "Set as default".

Now whenever you create a new Audio track (with load default patch selected) you should get the channel strip with the desired plugins. Same should be true for audio files that are added by adding from the "All Files" browser or dragging audio into the tracks area.