Logic Pro 9 A way to synchronize Transport bar?

Is there a way to have the transport bar display the same fields across all screensets?
It's great to be able to customize them but I would love it if clicking that 'save as default' would instantly update the transport across all screensets.

I am not hopeful but worth asking I thought.
Hey there Colin,
I'm glad I have a kindred spirit. I just filled out that form. If anyone else feels the same way, please go to that page here:

Here is what I wrote:
"I frequently find myself having to slog through each screen set to customize my transport bar and global tracks to make them the same but it would be smart if there were an instant way to do this.

It would be a great feature to be able to synchronize the transport bar and global tracks across screen sets.

Currently there is an option to 'Set as Default' in the transport customize dialog box but it would be better if there were another button to 'Apply current transport bar display across all screen sets.

Similarly with the global tracks, this would be a handy feature so that we could easily know that our global tracks are the same across screen sets, if we should want them to be.
Much appreciated.
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