Logic Pro X A weird and disturbing issue


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Yesterday while recording I got a Midi services no longer available message. I had to Force Quit Logic and then my computer (sorry, forgot to list it in my profile), a new iMac Pro. Thereafter when I loaded a tune into Logic some tracks played and others howled tunelessly while yet others made a sound much like a loud version of digital distortion. I use SD3 for drums and that’s the track that howls. In its stand alone version SD3 works fine. And all of the tracks of the tune are fine as they play properly on a different machine.

I’m assuming that the problem lies in Logic which I am intending to uninstall as completely as possible, and then reinstall, but thought I’d consult you fine folks before doing so. Any ideas?

Thank you.


Thanks for posting the solution.
The MIDI services concern has been around for awhile.
Discovering the solution specific to your system is better than going down various rabbit holes that may or may not resolve the issue.
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