Logic Pro X AAF File Not Readable In Avid

Bob B

New Member
I am desperately trying to create an AAF file from my Logic Pro X session that the studio (my client) can import into AVID. When I bounce an AAF file, it creates an AAF Metadata file and two audio files (left/right stereo). The studio has tried several times to import the AAF and the stereo AIF files, but it doesn't work. When they import my AAF, they get a sequence instead of stereo audio files with metadata attached. That totally doesn't work for them.

From what I read on the one post here that mentions AAF file export, apparently Logic X does not embed the audio files in the AAF file which is why AVID can't read it.

Is this true?

If so, what can I do about this?

Is there a workaround?

Thanks much!


Do you have access to Pro Tools? I tried exporting a Logic project to AAF and then importing it into Pro Tools (which I have on the same computer) and, while it required manually relinking the files, it worked. I'm pretty sure Pro Tools will then export an AAF file that AVID can read, seeing as they're made by the same company, (although there is a long history of Pro Tools users complaining about the awkward relationship between those two divisions of AVID) and that would solve your problem.