Add a dedicated MainStage and Plug-ins Section

Brian Stone

While, you could make a case that you need either one big or several small forums for Compressor, Apple Loops Utility, etc, I think its clear that those forums would go largely untouched.

That said, MainStage is definitely not the same as Logic, and its discussions add a lot of noise to an all enveloping Logic everything forum. Also, users who are focusing on learning more about and solving issues related to MainStage would enjoy a nice way to constrain their focus, browse for issues, etc.

The same case could be made for Logic's plug-ins, where specific workflow and ideas could be discussed. If I wanted to learn more about logic's plug-ins, where would I go? Again, the general topic of plug-ins is a big one, but is a bit lost in a big catch-all forum about all things Logic.

Lastly, as a logic user, its nice to focus on the app all by itself, without thinking about plug-ins, mainstage, etc. If someone occasionally inquired about Compressor or Impulse Response utility, I'm sure nobody would mind seeing those posts in the main Logic forum.