Logic Pro 9 Addictive drums or upgrade to Logic studio


I'm running Logic Express 9.1.3 and I'm looking for better drum sounds. Researching drum software in a reasonable price range has me leaning towards Addictive drums. Before I buy I was wondering what an upgrade to Logic studio would do for me regarding drum production? I'm looking mostly for Nashville sounds but some Jazz stuff would be great too.

Also, I'm looking for a much better Hammond B3 type organ sound. Does studio cover that pretty well? If not I guess I will have to buy a drum and an organ plugin.

Just looked up addictive drums to see price range there is another programme in that range called steven slate drums,the samples are replications of original bands and you can click to hear online before buying.My preference is rock so i checked out ac/dc,zep,chilli peppers sounds great,and i think it covers other types jazz etc
The only thing that bothers is it mention a programme kontakt 4 which i have never heard of and don,t know if thats required
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