Addictive Drums sale

Hi luggers,

just got an email from IMS Pro, an online store. They have my personal favorite drum app, Addictive drums, on sale for less that 50% of it's normal cost. I have ranted and raved about this fantastic drum plug-in for years now, and wanted people to know that, if they were interested in picking it up, now would be a great time, for only $99.

After taking a look at all the available drum plug-ins out there, this one responds to me like a real drummer would (having been a drummer myself years ago). The sounds are awesome, there are a variety of kit add ons and midi file add ons, and the size is reasonable (about 1 gig per kit pac). They load quick, and sound real... and for this price it is a fantastic deal.

FYI I am in no way affiliated with either IMS or XLNAudio

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Jay Asher

I was an early adopter and big fan of AD but I simply cannot recommend that anyone buy today plugins that are neither 64 bit nor made a a commitment to be 64 bit in the near future.
Bruno, I was lucky enough to see Zappa a few time (including Steve Vai's first tour with hi (Ship Arriving too Late) and his very last tour... still miss him and his sense of humor...

Jay, I agree to a point, that said, I still use Logic in both modes, and have never had any issues with AD in either 32 or 64 bit mode (with the 32 bit bridge). If I were to toss out my 32 bit plug-mins because they weren't planning on 64 bit versions, I would loose over half of them, and the thousands of $$ I have spent in the last 12 or so years, since I purchased the Pro 53 plug-in.

Jay Asher

The only 32 bit plugs I have not weaned myself from are the UAD ones, and I save those for the mix stage after I have bounced all my software instruments to audio. And that is what I recommend to users but YMMV, George.