Logic Pro 8 addictive drums


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I have logic 8 and just bought addictive drums which this company say it supports (AD) I have snow leopard but I cant paste the ath-code to get AD to open The company has poor tech support and just sent me a link (vstlord) to be able to paste the ath code but it doesnt work Any suggestions ??? I have 3 of the 10 products that addictive drumssays iy supports but it doesnt work with any of them Watch-out for these guys !!! Because I didnt buy the software off there website they wont give me my money back !!! I bought the addictive drums from musicians friend and they have a no return Is anyone using AD with Logic 8 Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Mike, this sounds like a window focus problem, I haven't experienced it myself but it has been mentioned quite often by other users.

Going on memory, I think there are two things you can try. If Addictive Drums can be opened in standalone, you should be able to copy paste your authorization then. Alternatively, try doing it in by opening Addictive Drums in Garage Band.

HTH, kind regards

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