Logic Pro 9 adding loops


Hi !
I am trying to add akai sample libraries to the loop browser . each time I add a library only 2 samples appear in the loop browser instead of the whole library even though the whole library appears in admin/library/audio/apple loops/user loops.
I tried to add the loops one by one & but logic did not allow .
any ideas whats wrong ?


Yuval Mesner
You need to add apple loops to the browser. Akai loops will not have a necessary markers inside to be used to sync to your tempo. They might actually be there look for single hits to find the others (they won't have a tempo attached rather a --- where the tempo is.


If they are akai format you can convert to EXS instruments.

On the EXS interface, engage the options button, there you will find Akai convert, refer to the online help for details.